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The Scarlet Letter Reports


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Host Amanda Knox sits down with famous women to discuss the deeply personal journey of being sexualized, scrutinized, and demonized by the media –– and how they’ve rebuilt their lives after their most personal details have been made public. 

Tess Holliday on Challenging Body-Shamers | S2 E1

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Since the beginning of her career as a plus-size model, Tess Holliday has had to fend off degrading comments about her weight, health, and validity as a woman. We sit down with her to hear how she fights the harassment and spreads body positivity all around the world.

Alexandra Waterbury on Sexual Exploitation in Ballet | S2 E4

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Alexandra Waterbury sued New York City Ballet after discovering some of its male dancers had been exchanging explicit texts.
While the case raised concerns about unsafe atmospheres for dancers, Alexandra’s story has now fostered an important call for change.

Tamara Holder on Sexual Assault in Television | S2 E5

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Tamara Holder was a regular commentator on Fox News before being assaulted by a company executive. She settled with Fox, but was left without work, as her contract wasn’t renewed after she reported her assault.

Now, she’s picked up her law practice again and continues to fight for other women who have experienced harassment and assault.